All About Liana

Hello! I’m Liana, sharing too much from Boston, MA!

Runner — Eater — Dasher — Diner — Traveler — Napper — but still learning to be a better writer so excuse my typos and grammar debauchery

What started as a first time marathon training blog at the start of 2012

turned into a running and traveling outlet in between my daily ramblings of running.

Since then I have run over 10 marathons, 3 ultras, and anything in between. I’ve had countless amounts of bruises and miles on training runs. My race reports and schedule is available for all to join me.

I’m a huge fan of eating and traveling, so expect to see a lot of photos.

Steak in Cancun, Mexico

I’m a cat mama of a lovely tabby named Jack Meower.Jacked Up Boston Marathon

I haven’t gotten him to run with me yet, but he loves his winter walks.

As mentioned before I love traveling, and with that comes hiking and backpacking.  I’m currently a certified open water diver and hope to get my advanced certification soon.

Thus far I’ve had the pleasure of going to Peru, Israel, Mexico, Iceland, France, England, Spain, Germany, Czech, Hungary, Costa Rica, and the many amazing National Parks the U.S. has to offer.

Hiking the Inca Trial to Machu Pichu, has been one of the most amazing trips I’ve taken

I love hikes that last from dawn to dusk

Half Dome Yosemite

Cusco, Peru

I’m just a gal with her own issues trying to figure out how to run faster and further, and trying to see the most of the world that I can through my eyes and my stomach.

Come and join me on my journey!

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  1. runningfarce says:

    I’m giving you the Liebster Award for you to cherish forever – until you pass it onto 5 others as per the rules of the award. As an extortion technique, I will force you to see my post today for details!

    • Run To Munch says:

      Thank you! Machu Pichu and Peru was one of the most amazing trips I’ve taken.

      However, I’m so jealous of your New Zealand hikes! I would love to check out New Zealand =( Wish it was closer.

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