So I joined a gym…

The greatest tragedy of switching jobs was that I lost my work gym… I know.

Between no running and no gym, I felt a little at loss for identity. I know, I know, I could workout at home, but I have house ADD.


I could use my bike trainer…

bored now

But that’s so summer 2014.

So I joined a gym…

And went to it on Tuesdays and explored some machines.


So after feeling like I’m lost in a corn maze and giving sad puppy dog eyes to the treadmills, I found this machine


And I remember the elliptical… and I don’t remember being so terrible at it because I’m pretty sure I can walk faster than the MPH speed this thing said I was grazing at.

So the gym I joined a bit of a splurge, but with how long winter lasts in Boston and how little sunlight I see, I tend to spend a lot of time at one.

My other main requirement was secure lockers, cleanliness and as close to work as possible.

So this gym?


A year commitment that starts in January for $99 a month, with the rest of 2014 free. I know a true steal!

For a girl who hasn’t paid for a gym in over 4 years with the exception of the Y, this was a hard decision for me. But on the bright side I got to test it during the summer.

The hair products and my hair get a long which is great.

It’s all women and it’s not that I think all men are lustily checking me out, but sometimes, okay most times, I like to run in booty shorts and I prefer not bumping into my male co-workers in those. Also, I noticed some men, not all, but enough of them, seem to think they can wear the same tshirt to work out in for a week or month. ┬áMy sense of smell gets really sensitive when I run.. it’s like first trimester sensitive. So I’m super excited to be in an all women gym.

I like the spin bikes because the resistance knob comes with number settings so I can tell if I turned it a quarter of a circle or a full circle.

I haven’t tried a lot of the other classes yet, but I’m looking forward to doing some group classics.

And it’s literally right across the street from my work so once I’m healed enough to run again, it’ll be a great shower stop.

And there’s free wifi so I can continue my Gilmore Girls binge on these elliptical things.

And maybe just maybe, I’ll learn how to use those muscle machine things.


Stay tune, while I can’t anally recount every mile I run for a bit, I can now replace for every plate of metal I lift, push, pull instead.


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So I turned 28….


So every year I have this dream of being a cool kid, or maybe just a cool runner and running my age…

Every year something happens… actually November is right about that time when I either A. go travel or B. get injured…

This year sadly it’s B. With a stress fracture of mysterious degree on the lower part of my leg. It’s not so bad.. I know I could do things like crunches… eww.. or even burpees vomit… or lifting.. can I kill myself now? The only thing I probably should still take another week or two away from is running. The pain has died down a bit.. but if it can’t pass the one foot hop test, or the poke test… it’s probably not healed. And while I’m not doctor.. I know the only advice will be to rest…

I did start to get back a little bit into cardio with my bike trainer even if its just 30 minutes a day… but if it wasn’t for my love of running… I would be really lazy.


But 27 was a great year for me.

I finally conquered my first half ironman… well conquered is a loose term.. but I did realize triathlons… not my full cup of tea.

I ran back to back marathons in one weekend.. and realized it’s totally my thing… (Newport and Hartford)

Ran not one but two 50 milers… and realized they could be my thing… but the stress fracture (or syndrome) on my leg says I probably shouldn’t have done them two weeks apart even if my weekly mileage didn’t change too much.

So how did I actually celebrate the day of my borning? By having an amazing dinner with my roommates.

Tony made me some Sangria and Paella



I probably should have taken some sexier photos… but certain people were too busy making sure I drank more sangria

and Adrienne, my favorite baker made some macorons.


and as for my other roommate… Jack Meower.


He did a great job of knocking over my flowers and trying to eat them all.


I heard the arrangement looked a bit nicer before, but I still love them.


So while being injured does suck.. and one day I do want to run my age.. I think I still had a pretty rocking night =)

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