Weekly Recap

When I see others training for events, I always wonder how many hours and miles they put into their week. For me?

When I train for marathons it’s 50-60 miles which is about 7-8 hours if there’s no trail miles…

For the triathlon? Specifically this 70.3 I’ve been targeting 8-10 hours. Sometimes I come close to 10 hours but usually I don’t make it. I had high hopes of going into 12-15 hours a week, but the 10 hours a week alone is close to burning me out.

In the end, the best weekly hours of sweat should be whatever leaves you feeling the most energized and prepared. I could be a better athlete and do more morning workouts, but I find myself craving more and more sleep.

My goal is to finish and I’m working on that being enough. Type A personality take a back seat!

This week my mileage dipped below 35 miles, a minimum that I used to try to hit within 4 days. However, I did hit 10 hours of “training” and 102 miles of sweat.

Monday – Rest (Traveling and errands day)

Tuesday – 10 Mile Run (8 miles on incline 3 and 2 on incline 2) average pace was 8 minutes but the first hillier 8 were a little faster and last two were around 8:15 pace to cool down.

Also did an evening swim after avoiding the pool for a week once again. 42 laps (2,100 yds or about 1.19 miles) in 65 minutes with up to 4 people in my lane. If there’s one thing the Malden Y has prepared me for, it’s swimming in a large crowd with people limps constantly whacking you.

photo 1

Wednesday 8 miles at 7:48 pace. Stayed on incline 2 because my legs felt pretty tired from Tuesday. I realized just how tight they were when I tried to line them up against a wall.

photo 2

Harder and more painful than it looks!

Thursday – 50 minute spin and 10 mile run

Spin class went okay. Had some trouble with the bike I was on… Very squeaky but I tried to make the best of it. Around 17 miles per that meter but who knows how true that is. I did a runmute home after work with a little bit of a hail storm 3/4ths into it!

Check out my instagram video – Running is hard enough without giant ice balls gunning you down. Who needs an ice bucket challenge when you can just run in a hail thunderstorm while the sky is still bright blue. The run ended up being 8:24 pace for 10 miles that excludes the hail storm pause.

Friday – Rest day It wasn’t planned but we went out to celebrate Tony’s birthday on Thursday so I was a little tired and I also discovered that I have 9 episodes of pretty little liars to watch. So you have one guess

Saturday – 51 miles bike and 3.2 mile run!

I did an indoor brick workout. I’m ashamed to admit it but I don’t do my long rides outside. I feel like I don’t get to train as hard or well when I’m constantly stopping for lights and other cars. So yes, I do my long “rides” on my trainer even when the weather is gorgeous because you know the outside world? It truly is a scary place but mostly a slow place without police detail. Instead I found some movies and shoes to watch on Netflix.

But it’s not easy. As soon as I got on the saddle, my mind just wasn’t into it. it’s hot and my brain was coming up with alternatives to ditch my “ride.” Maybe I should go run or maybe I should go swim instead? Or cook a 10 course meal while cleaning out my closet. Luckily, I stayed put and played around with some music and different movies. Finally about half way into my workout I started to get into it. I have to admit that hour three was my favorite. Sometimes you just need to fight through the wall to find eureka moments.

I was on such a high of fighting through the wall that I decided now is a perfect time for my first brick workout! 3.2 miles on the treadmill in my basement because I wanted to finish watching my movie. It wasn’t fast but it was a running speed. So 51 miles according to my Garmin for 3 hours on the bike and 8:21 average pace for a 5K earned me a break and helped me avoid swimming for another day.

photo 3

To reward myself I justified why it’s okay to only swim once a week and made these tasty treats instead stuffed with ground turkey!

photo 4

Sunday – 1,950 yard swim

I thought I would spend my Sunday with a long run but the sunny weather made me sluggish. Finally when I knew I only had one hour to go until the pool closed, I dragged myself to the Y. I compromised to 20 laps, 30 minutes and then I can call it quits for another week.

photo 5

but when I got there, the pool was empty! Something you almost never see at my Y. I’m used to swimming with 4 other people in my lane, not just me myself and I.

Before I knew it, my 30 minutes changed into until the life guard kicked me out in 53 minutes with 39 laps. One of my faster swims yet!

Overall I’m happy the effort I’ve been into the other two legs of my race next month. This week I have a 50K trail race so I have an idea that my running numbers might go up ;)

How many hours a  week do you “train”?
What are you training for?

I hate the term training, I’m not in the army and I’m not a pro so if anything it’s a hobby. That’s why the word “training” or “train” is followed by air quotes.

Why I blog….

Let’s face it, I try but my updates are getting less and less frequent. I’m just feeling a bit tired and worn. My commute and work keeps me pretty busy that when I get home, I don’t really want to plug into my computer right away. Maybe I’m getting old. Or this triathlon training is keeping me moving vs. sitting. If only I had a talent for blogging and running at the same time. 

Also, I hate being repetitive. A lot of topics that go through my head such as running in hot weather have been written up by me and every other individual who spends all day dreaming about running. It’s repetitive and boring to me.

Not helping my blogging laziness is that I’ve also become a huge fan of Instagram. I started this blog as a organized method to share moments in life and I hated facebook usability with photos. Instagram solved it so if you miss me, I update a lot of Instagram from the boring and mundane, to my favorite fur bag of bones, and yes all the food photos you cringe at seeing.

Also, let’s face it, I am not going to be a writer of the year anytime soon.  If I ever write a grammatically proper post, you know I’ve been hacked. I’m also am never going to become a professional blogger. I know some people can sustain an income and that’s great for them, but I know where my skill set lies and it’s not this. I’m also pretty sure that if i had to devote 40 + hours to blogging I would go insane.

However, I enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed blogging since my teen angst days with xanga, deadjournal, livejournal and all between. It’s my soap box without intentionally asking for an audience. It’s there for me, but if someone wants to read it too, even better. It’s a hobby for me, and I use it for joy not obligation. 

What this blog is/will be about:

Weekly Recap – it’s not a page hitter but I like having a summary of my weekly training reflected on. Sometimes it will be a week or two late but I don’t keep a hand written log so this will have to do.

Race Recaps – these are my favorite posts to write. I like the structure and I like to reflect on what I got out of each race. I may race more often than the average Jane, but I still like to think each race is special whether it was a struggle or a PR or a new state.

Travel posts – I love traveling so these will mostly be a collection of food photos, photos of myself and random things that catch my mind. No it’s not exactly photographic prodigy work, but it’s snapshots that I want to save, consolidate and share in one space.

Boston events and restaurants b- similar to travel posts but will revolve around something I thought was either fun or really terrible in a Boston.

Reviews – I do occasionally write reviews. It’s another structural post that I find relaxing to blog about. Some are compensated, some are with product only and some I paid with my own hard blood and sweat of the working class white collar order. Either way, it will be a product I loved and find useful in my life. I turn down tons of reviews, so unless it’s a product I am loving and can share one with readers, I generally pass because I just don’t have the time. If I’m posting, it’s a product I love and or a small or big company that I want desperately to succeed.

Randomness –  Friday 5? Things I love? Things I hate? And just random posts in between probably means I found myself with an extra hour or two and felt like updating the blog.

So there you go, an update. And yes, I’m about a week behind on my weekly recap post.

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